Sense Making Workshop in Ecuador – Learning Cycle 2

The Ecuador trip was awesome! It was one of the longest flights I have ever experienced in my life. I flew KLM from Entebbe, Uganda to Amsterdam, the plane was too big and one of the flight attendants told me that it carries about 365 passengers.  It took me 8 hours to fly from Entebbe International Airport to Amsterdam, then 7 hours from Amsterdam to Quito, Ecuador and 45 mins from Quito to Guayaquil, my final destination.

sense making

Sense Making Workshop Activities

People in Ecuador speak Spanish, however we had an interpreter to translate for us in English, surprisingly within two days my Spanish was really good and actually if I were to stay there for a month, I would perfectly manage to communicate with others in Spanish – I discovered that I’m a quick learner. I realised also that the Ecuadorians are friendly and loving people. They show their love by kissing, this is not too common in Uganda, but I successfully adapted to their culture and lifestyle.

We had a busy week doing the sense making to explore the learning cycle 2, developing themes, action plans, impact indicators and establishing better outcomes for the family and children. Dr Ruth Edmonds, the evaluator of the BWB learning platform, joined us as well on Skype.

SALVE’s Work Plan for Learning Cycle 2

My work plan is to encourage better parent to child relationship among beneficiaries and to do so I’m working on the following and activities and objectives:

  • Bring families and the children together, so that some families can share their experiences on how they have managed to establish a strong relationship with their children.
  • Provide spaces where families struggling with parent to child relationship will learn from other families who are already having a good relationship with their children.
  • Listen carefully to issues that may come up during the counseling sessions between parent and children. I will not be judgmental, but instead I will try to understand both parties’ point of view. I will assume a mediator role to resolve issues.


sense making
Resilience Champion, Alfred, working on the objectives for the leaning cycle 2


I’m hoping to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Improved communication between parents and children
  • Staff equipped with skills to establish better relationship between parents and children.

The value of this impact in terms of promoting resilience and wellbeing amongst children are:

  • There will be more shared responsibility between SALVE and family.
  • Children will depend on their parents for support.
  • SALVE international will be more efficient at achieving its objectives.

I learnt a lot during this trip and I couldn’t recount it all, but I will share my learning with the staff I work with in Uganda to benefit SALVE International and our beneficiaries.


Alfred Ochaya

Before becoming Resilience Champion full time, Alfred was the Street Outreach and Drop-In Centre Manager at SALVE. He is a qualified social worker, and volunteers in his spare time for the Red Cross doing a variety of health training, including sexual health, for young people in the community. Alfred is a Street Invest global trainer with many years experience in hands-on street work and leading teams.

Notable Replies

  1. Great blog Alfred, it was a fantastic week in Ecuador and it felt great to be making even more progress with the learning and sense making. The learning process that we have been following, led by Ruth, has allowed for a real depth of learning and I look forward to seeing this come to life through your adapted activities over the next few months.

  2. Dear Sian, it was a fantastic week in Ecuador.

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