Ecuador Workshop Roundtable

Ecuador Workshop Roundtable

Ecuador Workshop Roundtable

We are pleased to announce the Building with Bamboo Ecuador Workshop Roundtable which will be held on 21 March from 9.00am to 12.30pm in Guayaquil.

Martha from JUCONI, our Learning Partner in Ecuador, will host the workshop. This is going to be an excellent opportunity for key stakeholders and local NGOs to explore resilience-based approaches to working with street-connected children. Participants at the workshop will hear about the learning and innovation processes we have been using in BwB so far adapted to the Ecuadorian context, specifically, the practice of storytelling about resilience experiences we used with children and staff.

The workshop will involve short presentations and group activities to encourage discussion amongst participants about the way in which the contrasting contexts in which they are working influences the development of resilience in the children they work with.

If you or any of your partner organisations working in Ecuador are interested in attending this event please take a look at the invitation for further details (in Spanish).

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