Rap Song Written by Street-Connected Children in Jinja

S.A.L.V.E Intenational’s resilience-based programme encourages street-connected children to reflect what resilience means to them through arts. Some of the street-connected children we work with have recently made a statue, which is lying down in the way that a child might do on the streets. They have also wrote a rap song on resilience and they have used the verses to glue them to the statue as a powerful way to communicate their message on resilience.

rap song

Challenges of Living on the Streets

The places where they sleep usually are not good at all, there they face multiple challenges ranging from poor weather conditions to police round-ups and beatings. Community members also can attack them at night. Their health conditions are affected as well, as they are at risk of contracting a lot of diseases, such as malaria due to poor accommodation. Despite all these challenges they survive and are able to get up and continue the next day.


Statue made by street-connected children with the lyrics of the rap song they wrote glued to it.

They are now calling the community and other stakeholders to help them to secure safe accommodation, this includes also to always accept them and show them love and care.  It is important for all of us to be aware of the reasons behind children going to the streets, this in order to better support them. Among these reasons, children might run away from their homes because they have lost their biological parents and no family member was willing to accept them or they were emotionally and physically abused by their parents and tried to run away from the abuse. Moreover, it is key to understand that their living conditions are rough, and so, they adopt coping mechanisms to survive, that is the case of them sniffing airplane fuel to keep warm during long cold nights.

Rap Song Lyrics

Be Resilient


Be resilient, stand strong in each moment. No stresses, breathe easy, take it easy, and feel it easy. Have self-esteem, it will be easy.


Take your life as a good thing, in everything you do you have to persist. Don’t lose hope, everything will be done. Don’t hate yourself, no condition is permanent.

Have self-esteem to how you feel about your life, that I can win anything in my life. You have to respect everybody around you. Have a difference in everything you face.

One day you will succeed in your efforts.


You got to think before you take any step. Don’t sell your soul, have self-confidence. Life is in your hands, make the right choices. Pull up your stockings and put on your shoes.

Time is there for the harvest, today is darkness and tomorrow is the brightest. Open your eyes, think and open your minds. Seek for support and wisdom.

Hard work will pay, never give up.


You have been struggling for a long time. Keep on hustling because life is a hustle, everything will be alright.

When I remember back in the days, life wasn’t easy for me. But I stayed focused on my dreams. Believe in yourself, before you die, you will win.

You and I were created in God’s image. This Earth is a hustle, am the king of my life.


Alfred Ochaya

Before becoming Resilience Champion full time, Alfred was the Street Outreach and Drop-In Centre Manager at SALVE. He is a qualified social worker, and volunteers in his spare time for the Red Cross doing a variety of health training, including sexual health, for young people in the community. Alfred is a Street Invest global trainer with many years experience in hands-on street work and leading teams.

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