Building with Bamboo’s Third Learning Update

We are pleased to present the third and final Building with Bamboo Learning Update. We invite you to have a look at it here.


Learning Update 3


In this final update we present the main highlights from the third and final learning and innovation cycle, including, eight insights that came from resilience champions experience while refining and adapting their resilience-based approaches in each learning site. Resilience Champions will continue to use the learning, tools and techniques developed by us to refine their resilience-based practices and programmes in the future, and hence, to promote well-being and resilience in the children they work with.

Learning Insights

We hope these three Learning Updates will help you to inform your work with street-connected children.

Mildred Sarachaga

Mildred joined CSC as Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer in September 2017, after six months as Network Development Intern. She helps to coordinate the evaluation and shared learning for Building with Bamboo. She has experience in grassroots-led initiatives to child protection, Monitoring & Evaluation and supporting digital learning platforms. She holds a MA in International Development: Peace, Conflict and Reconstruction and has worked for INGOs both in the UK and Colombia. Email her at

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