Building with Bamboo is an international learning project exploring resilience-based approaches to working with street-connected children who are exposed to sexual abuse and exploitation. The project aims to use findings from Oak Foundation’s Bamboo research initiative to discover how we can develop approaches and interventions that support children to cope in the face of adversity, in particular when exposed to sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.

In collaboration with local partner organisations from the CSC network, we are developing, implementing and evaluating three innovative learning pilots in Ecuador, Uganda and Nepal. Through these pilots, we hope to discover if and how a resilience-based approach can improve the well-being of street-connected children exposed to sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.

This rich learning will be shared here, in our virtual Community of Practice and Learning. Individuals and organisations who work with or for street-connected children are invited to join for free and contribute to sector-wide learning that will help improve interventions and outcomes for children. The aim of Building with Bamboo is to build an international knowledge base on how we can promote children’s resilience through our work, and bring about better outcomes for the children we support.