The Learning Project

1)Why is it called Building with Bamboo?

In 2009 Oak foundation began an international learning initiative to understand resilience in children exposed to sexual abuse and sexual exploitation and its implications for service responses. They called it Bamboo – because bamboo is resilient, a material that bends but doesn’t break. The Bamboo research project, which concluded in 2013, gathered qualitative data from children across three settings- Ethiopa, Bulgaria and Nepal. These research findings are now being built upon by our learning pilots – hence, Building with Bamboo.

2) What were the findings from phase 1 of the Building Bamboo research?

The research findings can be viewed in full by visiting the Bamboo project report page on the Oak website.

3) What countries is the project focused on? Why only these countries?

Our learning pilots are taking place in Ecuador, Uganda and Nepal, however the project, and the Community of Practice aims to bring together global knowledge and learning.

4) How can my organisation get involved with this project?

The best way to get involved is to sign up. By becoming a member of this online community, you can access learning from the projects and contribute your own learning, knowledge and resources. You will also be invited to attend workshops and events both on line and face to face. For more information about the project, the benefits of taking part and the best way to contribute, emailĀ buildingwithbamboo@streetchildren.org.

5) What is the link between Building Bamboo and Consortium for Street Children?

Building with Bamboo is phase two of Oak Foundation’s Bamboo learning initiative. Consortium for Street Children has partnered with Oak Foundation to deliver this project, in collaboration with three learning partner organisations.


6) I can only see blog posts on the site and not the discussions or resources, why is this?

You currently have the guest view and are not logged in. If you have a login, please use this to log into the platform to gain access to all of the features. If you would like to engage in discussions and sharing of resources, please register by visiting this page >>


7) How long will it take to receive a login for the platform?

Our administration team aim to respond to your request for login within 48 hours. If you’ve not received your login or a response regarding the status of your application please contact BuildingwithBamboo@streetchildren.org