The BWB team

At the heart of the Building with Bamboo team are the Resilience Champions. Martha, Alfred and Krishna are leading learning projects on the ground in their organisations. Click on the photographs below to learn more about their experience and expertise.

Resilience Champion: Martha
Martha Espinoza, JUCONI Ecuador
Alfred Ochaya, SALVE International
Resilience Champion
Krishna P. Subedi, CWISH Nepal

Sian Wynne, Project Manager
Sian Wynne, Project Manager

Sian came on board at CSC in January 2016 to lead the Building with Bamboo project. She has a background in leading learning initiatives and transformation programmes for NGOs in the women’s rights, anti-child exploitation and mental health sectors in the UK and East Africa. Sian has an MA in Gender Studies with a focus on Asia, Africa and the Middle East and has lived and worked in Uganda. Email her at

Derek Appau, Digital Lead

Derek has spearheaded the development of this online platform, researching, scoping and designing the site to ensure it meets the learning needs of the project. He has several years experience in digital media and digital learning initiatives and has worked for both corporate and charitable organisations. Email him at

Ellie Moodey, MEL Officer

Ellie joined CSC as Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer in May 2017, after six months as Network Development Intern. She helps to coordinate the evaluation and shared learning for Building with Bamboo. She has experience in monitoring and evaluation, capacity building and supporting digital learning platforms for non-profit organisations, and she has worked in Kenya, Uganda and the Philippines. Email her at

Mildred Sarachaga, Network Development Intern

Mildred joined CSC in April 2017 as Network Development Intern, and is supporting the Building with Bamboo project. She has experience in grassroots-led initiatives to child protection, capacity building and supporting digital learning platforms. She holds a MA in International Development: Peace, Conflict and Reconstruction and has worked for INGOs both in the UK and Colombia.  Email her at