Project Overview

Promoting Resilience of Child Domestic Workers in Kathmandu

In and around Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

CWISH work with child domestic workers in Kathmandu, offering rescue and rehabilitation, counselling and family reintegration support. They also offer drop-in services for child domestic workers and support for them to attend school. Over the course of this project, CWISH will be exploring ways to incorporate learning from Bamboo 1 – for which CWISH was a research site – in to their ‘Exit Strategy’ approach to removing CDWs from harm, and trialling resilience based approaches in their drop-in and supported learning interventions. They will also be working with formal and informal stakeholders such as the police, authorities and local community members such as market traders. An important finding from the Bamboo 1 research at CWISH was that religious and spiritual festivals are important in helping children to feel included and supported. For this reason CWISH will be incorporating cultural events and festivals in to their pilot.

Resilience Champion

Krishna P. Subedi

Krishna is CWISH's team leader, the coordinator of the senior management team. He has experience in research and practice, and expertise in child protection, particularly in relation to child labour and child sexual abuse. He has worked in child rights and child protection in Nepal for 15 years, for national and international organisations, including UNICEF.

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