Project Overview

Building Resilience for Sustainable Futures

Homes and communities of street-working children in peripheral neighbourhoods around Guayaquil, Ecuador

JUCONI Ecuador have been working with families affected by violence, including sexual violence, in Guayaquil for over 20 years. As an organisation with an established strengths- and resilience-based approach, JUCONI’s learning pilot does not involve introducing new concepts, but rather draws on the Bamboo 1 research by piloting new methods. A new programme of peer support between older children and young people who have ‘graduated’ through the JUCONI program and children who are currently being supported draws on findings from Bamboo 1 which highlighted the importance of informal actors in helping children cope with adversity. In addition, JUCONI will be piloting formal resilience scales to explore how these might help promote resilience, and what we can learn from such tools when developing service responses.

Resilience Champion

Martha Espinoza

Martha is the Executive Director of JUCONI Ecuador and has worked for the organisation for over 17 years. As an experienced child psychologist and practitioner, Martha brings technical knowledge to the project. She is working with Merli Lopez. Coordinator of their Working Child and Family Programme, to deliver the project in Ecuador.

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