Project Overview

Reinforcing Resilience Programme

Jinja District, Uganda, with some home follow-up work being done across other nearby districts

Working with street-living and street-working children in Jinja, Uganda since 2008, SALVE International support children on the street as well as offering family reintegration support. SALVE’s pilot was co-designed by children themselves. Through a program of activities including dance, music, drama and sport, SALVE will build relationships between children and their wider community, building on the Bamboo 1 findings highlighting the importance of non-formal actors (community contacts) and promoting children as actors in their lives, not passive victims. Alongside the child-led activity programme, SALVE will be using the Bamboo 1 findings to develop new tools and approaches and build staff capacity.

Resilience Champion

Alfred Ochaya

Before becoming Resilience Champion full time, Alfred was the Street Outreach and Drop-In Centre Manager at SALVE. He is a qualified social worker, and volunteers in his spare time for the Red Cross doing a variety of health training, including sexual health, for young people in the community. Alfred is a Street Invest global trainer with many years experience in hands-on street work and leading teams.

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